I have treated a number of bands (musicians + crews)
                                                                   on their concerts. I have worked at Summer Jam and
                                                                   at the Zillo Festival. I would like to thank the following
                                                                   bands for their support over the past years:

                                                           - New Model Army                       - Amplifier                                              
                                                        - Red Sky Coven                           - Queens of the Stone Age
                                                     - Nozzle                                           - Apocalyptica
                                                  - Oyster Band                                 - The Wailers
                                               - Rev Hammer                                 - The Datsuns
                                            - The Young Gods                             - Molotov
                                         - Monster Magnet                              - Gluecifer
                                      - Masters Of Reality                           - The Quill
                                   - Sepultura                                             - TM Stevens
                                - Slayer                                                    - Living Colour
                             - Alice Cooper Band                               - Calico Soul
                          - The Cassandra Complex                      - Zombie Joe
                        - Dub Syndicate                                        - Die Krupps
                     - Millionaire                                                  - Mono Inc.

                    Special thanks go to Carlos Zarmutek and the whole team from
                    Contour Music Promotion in Stuttgart , Iris
                    Hammerer, at the Space Shuttle Tour Service in Berlin and Marco Göthel,
                    at Protain Concerts GmbH (Amphi Festival) !