On 9 May 1998, I was at a New Model Army concert in
                      Bielefeld, Germany. After the concert, I talked to some
                      members of the band in a local beer garden. I came to realize
                      the band guitarist Dave Blomberg had some problems with his back.
                      Since I was a professional masseur, I offered him a massage. I had my
                      mobile massage bench with me. On the next gig, I had everything with me
                      to perform a massage, oil, alcoholic, Liniment, and of course my mobile
                      massage bench.

                                           During Oysterband's Deep Dark Ocean Tour with Rev Hammer
                                           they invited me to treat their members with massages.
                                           That is where I met Petra Hammerer (tour director) of
                                           Space Shuttle Tour Service, who with her help I got many
                                           good contacts over all those years.
                                           I must not forget Contour Music Promotion, which also
                                           enable me to get good jobs.

                                                                     In addition, that is how everything started.
                                                                     Oh, yes, as I was massaging Dave Blomberg,
                                                                     he happened to think, "Rock 'n' Roll Massage"
                                                                     might be a good name for my service.
                                                                     I have kept that name ever since that proposal.